With convenient, high-efficient and multi-choice and modern traffic means, the new area is closely connected with all important economic regions, sea and airports and logistic centers to become a worthy traffic point.

Highway: Beijing-Kaifeng Expressway (Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway), Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway (Beijing-Shanghai Expressway), 104 national highway cross south and north, fifth-ring road and sixth-ring road traverse east and west to form an eight-cross and eight-vertical road network pattern;

Railway: many important railroads such as Beijing-Tianjin, Beijing-Shanghai, and Beijing-Jiulong gather together. Subway Daxing Line and Light rail Yizhuang greatly shorten the distance between the new area and the central town and realize seamless joint with Beijing Rail Traffic Network.

Aviation: Half-an-hour drive will reach Beijing Capital International Airport; the second international airport with larger throughput will be constructed in the south of the new area;

Ocean shipping: 150 kilometers away from the square to Tianjin New Port as the largest international trading port in the north of China;